Welcome to Thornkeep Adventures

Welcome to the Journey to Thornkeep campaign site.

This is a campaign beginning 4/14/2013 for first-level characters.

Your character’s motivations and history are entirely your own and you should construct a back story for your characters before playing them at the first session.

Characters can be created using standard Pathfinder RPG race and class combinations found in the Core book and Advanced players guide. Please clear any other races/classes with DM Steve before starting to play your character.

Character Creation
  1. 1st Level Hit points are the maximum possible on your character’s hit die.
  2. Stats are to be rolled using highest 3 dice of 4d6, re-rolling “ones” is permitted.
  3. Stats may be assigned after rolling all 6 scores
  4. All starting scores max 18, before racial adjustments.
  5. Standard rolled or average starting gold. You may roll-off with the DM and take the higher result
  6. Each character has one “Family Heirloom” in for form of a +1 magical item worth < = 2000gp
    i.e. +1 Longsword, Ring of Protection +1, +1 Chain Shirt

If you have specific questions about character creation, always feel free to ask DM Steve.

After that, take a look at your wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

Using the Wiki/Forums

We’re going to treat time between sessions as in-game downtime. Each player may post on the forums/wiki what their character will be doing to fill their days between expeditions. High-quality writing and RP elements will be rewarded with appropriate XP, gold or possibly magic items.

This is a new concept for me as a GM, so please don’t try to “break” this part of the game by doing non-stop crafting using in-game rules. Rather, try writing a self-contained, brief anecdote about your character.

Journey to Thornkeep

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