Journey to Thornkeep

Beginning: The Beginning

It's Dangerous to Go Alone

Our tale begins with a studious Dr. Hamlin Nimbletoes pouring over stacks of forgotten manuscripts in the great library. The Pathfinder Society had long expressed great interest in the Azlanti ruins riddling the Easter reaches of Golarion. Serving the scholars of Oppara provided Hamlin the opportunity to overhear their research on this lost civilization.

Unclear whether it was exceptionally late at night or uncommonly early in the morning Miriam Lightbringer began her quest to spread the word of Sarenrae to the dark corners of the world.

Unsure of where to begin, she located the mostly scholarly folk she could find in the Seven Towers district and followed them into the library.

After an awkward introduction, the unlikely “heroes” “overheard” the discovery of ancient ruins far to the North in Echo Wood. Dr. Hamlin Nimbletoes deciphered the runes drawn upon a chalkboard which described The Door of Seven Stars, Which one of the scholars had sketched in intricate detail on the board.Door of seven stars

Through a series of misadventures the heroes made their way North to the outskirts of the Echo Woods where the met Dorminda, a warden of the local wood and member of Oreena Hollysong’s order of Druids.



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