Brother Eldrast Anvilmoor

Dwarven Cleric of Gorum


Keeper of the Shrine of Battle, the larger of the two temples in
Thornkeep. Fiery and enthusiastic, Brother Eldrast believes
the best way to win followers for the Lord in Iron is to be
generous in aiding those mercenaries and adventurers who
choose honorable causes. Banditry is questionable, but if
a robber gives her targets a chance to fight back and spares
those who are unable to do so, then Gorum is pleased in
Eldrast’s eyes. The dwarf dislikes the Three Daggers, and
holds Baron Tervin in contempt—in his eyes the baron is a
coward and a weakling for allowing the town to carry on in
such a dishonorable state. Brother Eldrast hopes that someday
the bloodshed that runs rampant in Thornkeep might be
better directed by a more competent ruler.


Brother Eldrast Anvilmoor

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