Darioth Wolfmane

Chieftain of the Wolfmane Tribe


Chief Darioth Wolfmane leads the local band, and she can
often be found here, trading news with barbarians from distant
corners of the Echo Wood. She decides which merchants the
tribe deals with, and which parties of adventurers or explorers
may enter Wolfmane hunting grounds. (Some inevitably
enter Wolfmane territory without asking, of course, but the
barbarians are likely to respond to trespassing outsiders with


The Wolfmanes, one of the numerous Kellid tribes of southern
Numeria, claimed the Echo Wood as their hunting ground
centuries ago. Several small Wolfmane villages are scattered
throughout the large forest, and most are nowhere near
Thornkeep. However, a small number of Wolfmanes have
made their encampment within a short distance of the town,
and such proximity allows for a unique dynamic between the
tribespeople and the townsfolk. Some of the barbarians come
to trade with civilized folk, and others hire themselves out as
guides, trackers, or mercenaries. Many of these visitors come
only to satisfy their curiosity about so-called civilization
before returning to their homes, but a few begin lifetimes of
travel and adventure in the streets of Thornkeep.
The warrior Darioth is an honored chieftain of the Wolfmane
tribe, and is recognized as the leader of the encampment near
Thornkeep. The Wolfmanes fiercely protect “their” portions
of the forest from logging and hunting by Thornkeep’s folk,
and Darioth is here to keep an eye on anyone who might forget
that. She and Baron Tervin share a unique dynamic, frequently
butting heads but still holding civil exchanges when one’s

Darioth Wolfmane

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