Great Chief Graalsk

Cheif of the Brambleclaw Goblin Tribe


Great Chief Graalsk, a pompous blowhard with delusions of
grandeur. Graalsk refers to himself in the third person and
seems mad as a hatter, but the goblin chief is actually quite
clever and cunning. Much of his public persona is an act
designed to trick potential enemies into underestimating
him and his followers.
The Brambleclaw goblins dwell in a warrenlike set of
shallow tunnels beneath the briar patches on the south side
of Thornkeep’s hill. The goblins make themselves useful by
gathering the refuse and garbage on Thornkeep’s streets, and
hiring themselves out for all sorts of drudgery and dirty work.
They’re terrible at it, of course, since they’re lazy and shiftless—
but they are cheap to hire, and the job eventually gets done.


Great Chief Graalsk

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