Oreena Hollysong

Arch Druid of Echo Wood


An old woman with brown, seamed skin, white hair, and a merry
manner, Oreena Hollysong (N female human druid 8) lives in
a small cottage in the Echo Wood, not far from Thornkeep.
A number of the ordinary folk of the town revere the Green
Faith as she does and hold Oreena in high regard, seeking her
counsel about how best to keep their small patch of civilization
in line with the teachings of nature.

Oreena often cautions woodcutters away from the forest’s most sacred and ancient
groves, but not all heed her warnings. When she feels she must
act, Oreena rarely confronts greedy loggers directly. More often,
she uses her druidic powers to alert the forest to the danger and
uses the fierce beasts of the Echo Wood to discourage intruders,
though she is always looking for allies who might aid her and
her cause.


Oreena Hollysong

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